‘A Time To Care’ is here!

‘A Time To Care’ is now out, hurray! and can be bought from http://www.ivpbooks.com, amazon or your local Christian bookshop. Or send me a message here, and I’ll post you out a signed copy. I’m enjoying all the books adorning my livingroom, waiting to be sold and signed.

If you’ve already dipped in, and found your way here via the book – welcome, gentle reader. The whole thing is about you. Please do leave me a comment and tell me how you got on with it.

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2 Responses to ‘A Time To Care’ is here!

  1. Jen Watkins says:

    I’ve been asked to review your book for the CMF magazine Triple Helix. I will be giving it as many gold stars as they permit. I do hope it will reach the people who need it, though they may feel they don’t have time to read it!
    My sisters and I cared for our mother for the final 5 years of her life as she slipped into the shadows of vascular dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons … including 18 months when she was bedridden and hardly spoke. I take any opportunity I find to champion the dignity and value of the carer’s role. If we Christians will not take it on cheerfully, what can we expect of our secular society?
    In the appendix to your book you missed out two titles I found extremely helpful: “If it’s not too much trouble” by Ann Benton (a friend of mine who cared for her father-in-law) and “Contented Dementia” by Oliver James (not a Christian book but with loads of sensible ideas for caring for someone with dementia).
    With very best wishes and thanks for writing such an excellent, biblical, practical and helpful book.
    Jen Watkins

  2. Hi! I’ve just ordered your book on Amazon after reading the review in Christianity magazine. I’m looking forward to a comforting, challenging and helpful read :).
    I call myself a Distant Carer, as well as a sandwich generationer, having become Attorney for both parents when the strain of being carer to my mother (who has double dementia) became too much for my father and he had a disabling stroke. So I’ve had to learn on my feet and navigate “the system” in the past two years, whilst being mum to young children myself, with a 2 hour drive between my responsibilities.
    Books like yours are much needed! I also enjoyed Ann Benton’s book, though it wasn’t exactly pertaining to my situation, as my mother needed 24 hour secure care by then.

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